Latest News

Next screenings

The next screening in Centenary Hall, Goolwa is on Wednesday April 7 2021.

The next screening in the Milang Institute, Milang is on Friday April 9 2021.

Both venues doors open at 6:30pm for a 7pm start.

COVID restrictions will apply at both venues. In Centenary Hall, members will be asked to leave a seat empty between them and other members. This will allow an audience of up to 104 people. If more members than this turn up to a screening then masks will have to be worn. Please bring a mask with you! With masks on we can fit up to 150 people. Milang has a smaller audience and will have their own COVID Plan but should be able to fit in their usual audience number.

AGM 2021

The SFFS AGM was held on Wednesday 3 February in Centenary Hall. The committee for 2021 is unchanged from 2020. Reports and Minutes of the AGM have been sent out to members.

2021 Program

All those who paid membership fees for the 2020 program will not have to pay fees in 2021 - your membership will carry over to this year. We are not using membership cards this year - instead there will be a membership list at screenings where members will be required to have their name ticked off. This acts as an attendance record for SFFS purposes as well as for COVID reporting. You are encouraged to check in using the venue's QR code as well.