The SFFS film library is available to members so they can watch films they've missed or enjoy watching a film a second time.

The link below will take you to our library and there you will find all the films from all our programs (2013 to 2017). Obviously, films on this year's program will not be available for loan until after they have been screened. There's also a few other films available that didn't make the program.

This is how it works: After screenings in Centenary Hall, members can borrow a DVD from the titles available in the Green Room. Gillian Keen manages the library and will bring in the DVD's each month. To be sure of getting the film you want, you can book a film through Gillian by phoning her on 0431 477 661 and collecting it at the screening. You will be responsible for returning the film at the following screening.

Milang members can also book films and we'll do our best to get it to you at your screenings.

The library is a new initiative and it's possible that there may be a long wait for popular films. Please be patient and do your part by handling the DVD's with care and returning films on time.